EVO Container Home Living

Durable Long-Lasting Steel

Sustainable Energy Efficient

Cost-Effective Fast Developments

Evo-lutioning Home Standards.

Houses built with containers are comparatively stronger than traditional ones because they are made of weathering steel. This material is used to construct bridges and other structures that have to bear the harshest of weather. Moreover, these containers are transported by sea, and they tolerate the rough behavior of ocean waves. Most traditional homes are not strong enough to face natural disasters like tornadoes, hailstorms, hurricanes, etc. They can be easily damaged during natural calamities.

On the other hand, shipping containers are built to withstand severe climates, making them suitable for building homes. Evo uses CSC Certified containers in our developments; meaning the structure was inspected by the International Convention for Safe Containers and approved for use in construction. The container is still considered new and is practically free of any dents, scratches, or blemishes.

Housing Solution of the future.

Containers continue to be stacked up in empty yards all over the county contributing to pollution with no use in the near future. Since building conventional homes has become expensive, shipping containers are cost-effective and durable for building the aesthetic homes of the future. According to the 2019 Survey of Construction from the Census Bureau, shipping container properties only take six to nine weeks for assembling, compared to a substantially longer time frame for traditional homes.

Not to mention unlike mobile homes, Evo properties are categorized by local authorities as “real property” since they are affixed to a permanent foundation. This means that they are appraised and valued using the same method as a single-family residence and in return, share the benefits of real estate and appreciate in value.